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What would you do for God if you knew you could not fail? There is a legitimate answer to this question. It is within our nature to think of all the cool fantastical things we could achieve. We would travel to foreign shores and win whole cultures to Christ. We would walk through the wards of the dying and heal the sick. We would at every turn foil the plans of the Devil and free those under his influence. All of it sounds amazing and wonderful. Unfortunately, most of it would be counter to God’s plan.

Now before you cast that suspicious look at me, oops too late …

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Whitewater Family Church
1540 W. Walworth Ave.
Whitewater, WI 53190


Sunday Mornings begin at 9:00 with Coffee hour and any information classes. Our worship service begins at 10:30 and usually lasts just a touch over an hour.


Mission Statement – At Whitewater Family Church we strive to pursue God with honesty and excellence by building stronger families, engaging in mentor based discipleship, and encouraging personal calling and ministry